2022 is here, time for resolutions!  I don't know about you but one resolution I have had on my list for years has been to organize and declutter my home.  At first I thought, "if I just had more time at home I can get this done".  The pandemic has proven that statement to be false.  If this sounds familiar, below are a few tips and tricks that may help you achieve this resolution while managing your busy schedule.  

Schedule Clean-Up Time Before Bed

Set a timer for 10 minutes every evening for the entire family to help clean up the house.  Run the dishwasher, wipe down the countertops, and put away any clothes lying on the floor.  This is also a great time to have your kids help by cleaning up their toys, books, or any crafts they used during the day.  Everyone will start each morning off with a clean living space and play area.  It'll make it much more manageable to maintain throughout the day, and when it comes time to tidy up in the evening, the mess won't be so overwhelming. 

Clean Out the Junk Drawer

There is always at least one drawer or cupboard in every household that becomes the collecting place for items without homes. Take some time to clean it out and make it into a manageable space again.  Make it easier to identify where odds and ends go, to help prevent the drawer or cupboard from getting cluttered again. 

Combine Similar Items

Use any containers you already have at home, or order a few online to get organized.  Totes. boxes, or baskets can help contain items and make them easier to find.  Start with your kitchen and craft area by combining similar items together- for example, cereal, pasta, rice, crayons, beads, etc.  This makes it easy to take inventory of everything you have by keeping the same types of items together. 

Label Your Containers

Once you've taken the time to consolidate and put all the like items together, make sure to label each container with it's contents.  It will make it much easier to find what you're looking for, especially when you can't see inside the boxes or jars that you're using for storage. 

By allocating a small amount of time each day to clean and organize your home, it'll leave your space feeling much cleaner, and you'll better enjoy your surroundings.  Just set a timer and get as much done as you can in that time.  In addition, it will be much easier to find everything that you need on those busy days!!